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文章摘要:留学毕业生家长代表发言稿(中英文) ,合唱曲本期多艺多才,陆军学院下栽可以任意。

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留学毕业生家长代表发言稿(中英文) 标签:毕业生 留学 发言稿 演讲稿 黑龙江时时彩官网


  Address by Parent Representative



  Esteemed members of the faculty, parents and dear students,

  大家上午好! 我是蒋子昂的家长,也是梦沃第一届家委会主席,非常高兴能和孩子们一起经历毕业典礼。我想各位家长和我一样,除了激动,还无比感恩!在此向各位校领导、任课老师、后勤老师,包括我们的每一位门卫师傅表示感谢,谢谢您们!

  Good morning! I am Jiang Ziang’s mom and also the first chairwoman of the Parent Committee of Montverde Academy Shanghai. It is a great pleasure to be here to witness your commencement. I think, today, all the parents here are very excited and also very grateful, just as I am. Hereby, on behalf of all the parents, I’d love to extend my gratitude to all the MVA leadership, teachers and support staff including our dedicated janitors. Thank you! Thank you all!


  Young men and young ladies, today is a day of celebration and a day of thanks. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Soon, you will start your journey of studying abroad. Apart from giving you my congratulations and best wishes, I’d like to ask you one question: are you ready for your dream


  Now I want to share with you some of my stories studying in the United Kingdom. At that time, my English was not good enough to get a pretty IELTS score. I only got 5, unable to be enrolled in a graduate school, and had to study the language for one extra year. Because of that extra year, I ran out of money and had to take on part-time jobs. Incessant part-time jobs. By day, I had to pick up several part-time roles, waitress, cleaner, baby-sitter and so on, which was very exhausting. By night, I had to study the language and try my best to memorize new words. There was a time when I felt very lonely and thought that life was difficult.


  To better adapt myself to the new conditions, every day I got up at five o’clock for a morning jog to keep fit and closed my last part-time job around 11 o’clock at night. I became highly self-disciplined and rescheduled my work and study. Gradually, I regained my positive attitude and became healthier.


  Looking back on that period of time, I’ve learned that whatever life puts you through, you can always choose joy and meaning by taking positive actions and starting from the present. Later in life, I have inevitably encountered various difficulties and challenges, like unemployment and short of money at 34 years old when I came back to Shanghai from abroad, and so on and so forth. It is because of that difficult time in the UK that I can actively handle these later challenges in my life in a composed way.


  I’m sharing this with you not in the hopes that you can know the various inevitable difficulties ahead of you, but in the hopes that you can understand hope and strength are the light within us that can never be extinguished. I hope that you’ll live each day happily and fully. I hope that you are grateful for each breath you take and that you are grateful for life itself.


  This year, we can’t wait to see how you all turn out. And all of us are very proud of what you have achieved.


  In the meantime, I want you to remember that no matter how high you will fly, please do not forget that it is Montverde Academy that gives you wings. Do come back from time to time to visit your alma mater.


  2016 graduates, congratulations and fly high!

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